Talks, research workshops and symposia

2019 “Material Activity in Art and Design Practices” (talk), 35. Kunsthistorikertag, University of Göttingen (GER)
2018 “Approaching the material-discoursive vortex” (talk) at the SAR-Conference “Artistic Research will eat itself”, University of Plymouth (UK)
2018 “Biosphere 2 and  the relativity failure”(talk), Academy of Media Arts Cologne (GER)
2018 “Mattereality” (talk) at the Korean Institute of Advanced Studies, Seoul (ROK)
2018 “Fluidity”-panel und artist presentation at ACC Gwangju (ROK)
2017 “Material-discoursive methods” (talk) at the research-workshop “Prototypes and Plasticity. Methodologies and Transfer Processes around Matter”, Facultat de Bellas Artes, Universitat de Barcelona (ES)
2017 “Air between Bachelard and Vernadsky” (talk) at the symposium “It’s all just air”, Zurich University of the Arts (CH)
2014 “Abstraction und Practice in art-based research” (talk) at the workshop “Forschende Kunst statt bildende Kunst?” at the International Research Centre for Cultural Studies, Vienna (AT), with H. Borgdorff, A. Braidt, K. Harrasser, E. Strouhal, D. Tyradellis
2013 “Flows (Un)Bound” (symposium) conception und organisation with M. Finke at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (AT)
2013 “Material Aktiv Denken” (workshop), with K. Franinovic, Zurich University of the Arts (CH) 2013 “Liquid Things” (talk und discussion), at “Liquidity”- Practice Research Symposium, Middlesex University, London (GB)
2013 Artist presentation at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (CN)
2012 “Soft Motion and Liquids” (workshop) with R. Glynn, M. Kretzer und B. Haworth, University of Applied Arts Vienna (AT)
2012 “Liquid Things” (talk and discussion), Kunsthalle Karlsplatz, Wien (AT)
2012 “Thing Power” (talk and discussion), Rotterdam (NL)
2012 “Liquid Things” (presentation) at the SARN conference “We, The Public”, Luzern (CH)
2012 “Matter as Substance of Utopia” (talk), ETH, Zürich (CH)
2011 PhDO.3 meeting (talk and discussion), Waag Society, Amsterdam (NL)
2010 “Poetics of Fluidification” (talk), University of Applied Arts Vienna (AT)
2009 “Beyond Learning and Domination – aspects of seriousness in games” (talk), KHLim, Genk (BE)
2008 “How to make Water out of ice” (performance-lecture), with Y. Kim, Galerie 5020, Salzburg (AT)
2007 “How to make iron out of gold” (performance-lecture), with Y. Kim and O. Val, Pixel Festival, Bergen (NO)
2007 “Hot or Not? Or on how Global Warming might affect our imagination” (talk), im Rahmen der Ausstellung “Nature” Trondheim (NO)
2007 “Not everything is interaction” (talk and discussion), Rotterdam (NL)
2004 “FUR’s work” (artist presentation), with T. Reiff and V. Morawe, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco (USA)
2003 “FUR in a rush” (artist presentation), with V. Morawe, Museum of Photography, Tokyo (JP)



Since 2015 Associated Lecturer, Zurich University of the Arts (CH) (=ZHdK)
2018 “Soft Architecture: Abandoned and Alive” (held in an abandoned military zone in the harbour of Pula, HR), ZHdK
2018 “Adaptive Cities” with K. Franinovic, ZHdK
2017 “Terranautic Processes and instruments” (interdisciplinary module on “Rethinking Black Mountain College” including field research in Naples and on Stromboli involving augmented autonomy of students), with Clemens Winkler, ZHdK
2017 “Temporary Spaces” (Teaching experiment including field research on Stromboli) with K. Franinovic, ZHdK
2017 “Adaptive Cities” with K. Franinovic, ZHdK
2017 “Aesthetics of Interaction”, theory seminar with Joëlle Bitton, ZHdK
2016 “Soft Architecture: Supercollisions” with K. Franinovic, ZHdK
2016 “About Synthesizing with dippers and pressure cookers. Gastronomic avantgardes” in the seminar „Poiesis” G. Trogemann, Academy of Media Arts Cologne (GER)
2015 “Susceptible Spaces” with Clemens Winkler, ZHdK
2015 Lecturer, “Code and Representation III”, Digital Art, University Applied Arts Vienna (AT)
2013 “Kunst-Stoffe und Undinge” (seminar) with H. Schmid, ZHdK – Master of Fine Arts (CH)
2013 “Embodying and Liquefying” (workshop), with Y. Kim, University Applied Arts Vienna (AT)
2012 “Contraction and Expansion” (workshop), with K. Franinovic and F. Wille, University Applied Arts Vienna (AT)
2011 “Fluid Materials” (seminar), Academy of Media Arts Cologne (GER)
2010 external Doctorate Examination, Doctoraat in de Kunsten, KU Leuven / Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst Gent (BE)
2010 “Interactivos” (workshop) with A. Kudla and A. Abad, Laboral, Gijón (ES)
2009 Studio Mentoring, Valand School of Fine Arts, Göteborg (SE)
2009 „The impossibility of Making” (seminar), Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst, (BE)
2009 “Public Art” (seminar), Kunsthochschule Kassel (GER)
2009 “Prehistoric Connections” (workshop) with Y. Kim – 300m3 Art Space, Göteborg (SE)
2007 “Presentiment of a Universe” (seminar), with Y. Kim, Valand School of Fine Arts, Göteborg (SE)
2006 External diploma mentoring, Media Art, FHNW (CH)
2006 “Konstruktion und Erfahrbarmachung des Fremden” (seminar), with A. Meyer-Brandis, FHNW Aarau (CH)
2005 “Material Phantasms” (seminar), with A. Meyer-Brandis, FHNW Aarau (CH)