Still life

Toothpaste-Animation, HD-Video, 6′

„Still life“ is based on the story „the spiral“ by Italo Calvino.
A mollusk without a shape is stuck to a reef some 600 million years ago. He doesn’t know much about his environment except from getting some tastes out of the water that flows through his body. One day he starts to grow a colorful shell out of a fold of his slimy body. He creates a personal, visual expression. Unfortunately there is nobody around yet to see. The eye hasn’t been developped yet. But he doesn’t mind and starts to dream about where this adventurous act might lead to. He dives into the impossible.
What the camera captures of it, for a short time, is a bunch of white cells in their wild expansion.Together they become structures, but an inner drive makes them vibrate and flow into ever new forms.

„Still life“ is an animation that was mainly made with toothpaste. It is filmed with a single camera setting. The soundtrack was composed by the Belgian soundartist Els Viaene and consists of many layers of numberless fieldrecordings.

voice: Hans-Petter Dahl
sound: Els Viaene
mastering: Yves de Mey
concept, animation, photography: Roman Kirschner