Raw Flows


Matter is in flux. Its flows can be encountered on different scales of space and time. The characteristics of these flows influence researchers in their active and direct material engagement. Raw Flows investigates how fluidity and flow carve their specific paths into experimental practices and thinking patterns.

This book is a result of the art-based research project Liquid Things. It gathers contributions from arts, history of science, fluid dynamics, design, art history and cultural studies. The inclusion of these fields offers a diversified perspective on the material property and general phenomenon of fluidity. Within this spectrum, the book explores fluidity’s entanglement with becoming and change, asking which roles it plays in relation to the epistemic, the aesthetic and the experiential.

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Table of contents

Hans-Jörg Rheinberger – “In constant flux: Thoughts about the epistemic”
Benjamin Steininger – “Lubricants as liquid agents in machines”
Inge Hinterwaldner – “Surfing the waves: On the Role(s) of Tracer Materials in Turbulence Experiments”
Jean-Marc Chomaz – “The Flow”
Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand – “Winding the Vacuum”
Documentary section about the exhibition „Kontinuum“
Roman Kirschner – “The coupling of matter and imagination in fluid ecologies”
Esther Moñivas Mayor – “Observing from inside the drift: the studio as a flux condenser”
Karmen Franinovic – “Thinking Active Materials: Actively Thinking Materials”

DeGruyter 2017
148 pages
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Language: English