Soundinstallation, Musical Particle Accelerator.


Everybody can collide earworms in the EarwormCollider: two pieces of music are shot into each other in a microwave field and merge into a new one.



You can select 2 of the 10 available pieces and start the collision. You choose the cooking program and the duration. Depending on the settings, the 2 earworms bang into each other. The result can be listened to immediately after the process.



Credits – people who made the Ohrwurmbeschleuniger possible

Conceptual and Practical Support
Lennart Frank, Andreas Henrich, Thomas Hensel, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Stahl Stenslie, Georg Trogemann, Siegfried Zielinski

Engineering and Microwave Wizard
Martin Nawrath

Music Support
Cornelius Pöpel, Andreas Werner

Programming and Collision Expert
Sebastian Wiswedel

Technical Support
Sven Hahne, Norman Muller, Heinz Nink, Bernd Voss

Video Support
Agnes Meyer-Brandis, David van der Post