Leaking (for the time being)

Processual Sculpture

Upside down a table is suspended from the ceiling. It has a peculiar shape, like being assembled from different cutouts, and stretches through space. Inside or rather on the table, rests a dark, light absorbing and reflecting liquid. A sudden sound is accompanied by the inflation of a thin bubble, that bursts somewhere in the landscape leaving behind a flat crater. A flittering, vibrant „Pffffff“ follows the burst of the bubble. Under the table, more actions is taking place. The thick, viscous liquid drips slowly, almost unnoticeably, through the table onto a white surface. For minutes long and thin threads, thinner than hair, flow along the trajectories of the drops.

During several weeks craters above craters of burst bubbles form hills and valleys. The resulting landscape sounds ever deeper and finer. Below the table, the fallen drops have merged into small and drying puddles which are being overflown by ever new ones, while the threads in the air are slowly and persistently woven into a complex and dense meshwork. Red lines meddle with this spatial meshwork. These thicker lines are tubes through which air is flowing into the liquid on the table. The hairy threads themselves are so thin that the slightest movement of air in the exhibition space changes the development pattern of the mesh. It makes the threads drift in space, meander, spin round, and stick to each other. Thus, the properties of the space (size, height, windows, floor, temperatures and so on) and the presence of visitors (through body heat, breath, movement patterns, door openings) have a significant influence on the resulting structure and body.
Between the landscape on the table and the image surface on the floor, a delicate sculpture is growing into the crucial intermediary zone where it provides exchange between sculptural, pictorial processes and all possible participants.

Leaking (for the time being) was created within the research project Liquid Things.