Exhibition, Galerie “Im Ersten”, 2015


Participating Artists

Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand, Aernoudt Jacobs, Yunchul Kim, Roman Kirschner



More photos of the exhibition can be found on the website of liquid things.



The relationship between the human and non-human is currently under intense discussion. The view that the world is subject to human exploitation and control was dominant for many centuries. But the idea of natural resources being abundant as well as the idea of a stable material world that is under human control and enduring the forces of nature are dated and problematic. As a consequence, matter is increasingly perceived as embedded in life processes and rich meshworks of relations (cultural, social, chemical, physical, etc.). From these surrounding factors and exchanges it draws its properties, potentials and meanings.

In the light of this expanded perspective on matter, the research project LIQUID THINGS investigates creative processes that go beyond the use of „finished“ and pre-fabricated materials. These „finished“ materials only represent a small choice of possibilities in comparison to the material continuum that the world consists of. The continuum’s full spectrum contains many more impurities, mixtures, combinations and singularities than can ever be captured in an abstract philosophical notion of matter or any physical/chemical categorization. All the special cases and exceptions – which are rather the rule – are meeting points for encounters with the continuum’s plurality and extensive complexity. The exhibition KONTINUUM presents some particular processes of materialization and shows how five artists have dealt with matter’s dynamics, recalcitrances and activities.

Curator: Roman Kirschner




Aernoudt Jacobs
Live-manipulation of the installation „Color of Noise“

Yunchul Kim
“Rössler Attractor with Live Setup”
Live Performance and sound generation via Rössler Attractor Algorithm

Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand
A 15kHz standing sound wave creates alternating areas of strong pressure and vacuous pockets. Acoustically levitated within these low-pressure voids, the leaves of gold spin and vibrate with infinitesimally discernible aural consequences.

DJ Soulglo
DJ-set by the local sound expert and part of the duo „Microthol“.


Floor Plan


Special Thanks to Indra Jäger, Unyong Kim, Constantin Luser, Philipp Haffner, Anton Ovidiu and Karin Haas