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How to make iron out of gold

was a cooperation between Yunchul Kim, Roman Kirschner and Olaf Val to contribute to the 12 hour workshop of xxxxx in Bergen during pixel festival.

We found our interest in telling stories dealing with the mysteries of matter and it's relation to the immaterial. Two stories were the basis of our explorations: "the eldorado" and "the silver plate".
To support them we developped kinetic sculptures and other experiments.

The Eldorado
It is quite probable that it was the tribe of the muísca in the region of the present Bogotá, Colombia, whose king and priest got covered with gold dust once a year. His people put him and his golden skin on a raft with burning torches on each corner and pulled the raft to the center of a lake on top of a volcano. The muísca believed that underneath the lake there was the realm of the dead and their ancestors. The golden priest had to dive into it in order to leave his precious skin in the other world. Every time he reappeared from the depths of the lake his whole tribe celebrated his rebirth.
The European conquerors only focused on a tiny detail of the celebration. They kept sending expeditions through the whole continent in order to find "el hombre dorado". For centuries European Kingdoms wasted incredible amounts of energy, money and men  while the inhabitants of South America often even gave them wrong directions to get rid of them and their destructive search.

vulcano_IMG_8166.jpg vulcano_IMG_8204.jpg

The volcanic pendulum made a slow rumble that was sent ...

The Eldorado took us directly to the equator. It was supposed to show us some foundations of our society in contrast to cultures it has swallowed during its expansion. And it is there on the equator where some things start to lose their value and meaning to reappear on the other side. Maybe they are upside down or inside out but they are still there.
And from here on it would help us to consider ourselves to be the needle of a compass which is looking for directions when the usual magnetic field gets twisted by blinking metals.

news_IMG_8138.jpg news_IMG_8203.jpg

... to our news board where it was transformed into tangible waves that made the compass go in circles.

"Nature has no Outline: but Imagination has. Nature has no Tune: but Imagination has. Nature has no Supernatural & dissolves. Imagination is Eternity. " William Blake

The Silver Plate
While the magnetic field was still playing tricks on the people on the surface of our planet we slipped through a hole in the earth's crust and resurfaced in South Corea.
There, a poor farmer was looking for a bride until one day he starts to play a game of chess with Buddha. He wants Buddha to chose a woman for him in case he can win. And when the farmer is about to win, a woman accidently passes by. He is more than happy and immediately falls in love with her. But the young woman was not chosen by Buddha. She wasn't even alive. She was the ghost of a recently deceased. Nevertheless the two marry in a rush but after three days the young bride has to leave. To prove to his relatives that he hasn't gone crazy the farmer asks her for a proof and a souvenir of their relationship. The young woman gives him a silver plate and disappears. When the relatives find him days later straying through the forest, they recognize the plate and find out that his bride must have been the deceased daughter of a neighbor.

coinsound_IMG_8169.jpg coinsound_IMG_8209.jpg iron_gold_coinsound_IMG_8176.jpg

The prototype of our Coin-Sound-Generator works with a silver plate, some sea water and coins. You can hear different sounds chosing different sea water and money. The coins get worn out during your listening.

Out of the realm of the immaterial there comes a piece of metal with an engraving that gives proof of things that are already over. Matter gives proof of the past and of caducity. Matter proofs the Immaterial.

zeichnen_IMG_8182.jpg roots_IMG_8227.jpg

Two approaches to engrammatic drawing.

The Patacandle
was playing music driven by the heat of a flame, some ice and a Roessler attractor to get into a dialogue with Otto Roessler who was about to take over the following shift.

pata_candle.jpg patacandle_IMG_8197.jpg patacandle_IMG_8200.jpg
Sketches of the preparations