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fur-ious fall

travels, exhibtions, awards

Kleine Werkschau - Kranenburg | 2.-23. October
On 4 Saturdays Family van der Grinten famous vor their Joseph Beuys Collection - exhibited the SoundSlam, His Master's Voice and the Ohrwurmbeschleuniger in their private house in Kranenburg near the dutch border.


ArtCologne - Cologne | 27. October - 1. November
This year's special exhibition of the Academy of Media Arts featured two of our projects: the Ohrwurmbeschleuniger and the ////furminator introduced real interactive experiences to the rather conservative fair that was overloaded with paintings, photos and other stuff that can easily be converted into bucks.


DEAF '04 Affective Turbulence- Rotterdam | 9.-21. November
Turbulence affected visitors, artists and organizers at one of europe's leading media art exhibtions. The Ohrwurmbeschleuniger fitted perfectly into this setting.


CYNETart Areale - Dresden | 16.-21 November
This year's CYNETart was a big success fur //////////fur////: His Master's Voice was exhibited and awarded in the category "realtime processing" and we received the "Sponsorship Award from the Minister of Arts" on top. Thank you TransMediaAcademy, thank you Saxony!