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Dresden Förderpreis

Sponsorship Award from the Minister of Arts (GER) 2004/5
Saxony granted support for the realisation of OhrwurmFarm, a project revolving around the Ohrwurmbeschleuniger.

Pictures from the Presentation in November 2005 in the Hygiene Museum Dresden:

show_PB242455.jpg show_PB242457.jpg
show_PB242458.jpg show_PB242460.jpg
show_PB242462.jpg show_PB242463.jpg
show_PB242466.jpg show_PB242469.jpg
show_PB242470.jpg show_PB242471.jpg
show_PB242472.jpg show_PB242473.jpg
show_PB242475.jpg show_PB242476.jpg
show_PB242477.jpg show_PB242479.jpg
show_PB242480.jpg show_PB242482.jpg